With immaculate packaging, stackable boxes, and unique pieces from the Red Currant Collection, there are many ways to showcase your store’s Votivo product mix. Use the following tips to draw customers in and keep them smelling each scent until they find the one that suits their taste! 
Create a cozy corner.
In each season, you can create room inspiration for your customers with just one small corner of your store! Stage a soft chair with a plush blanket or throw pillow, and a Votivo candle on a side-table to create home décor inspiration and to provide a spot for your customers to take a rest while they shop!
Dome it up! 
When it comes to experiencing the full complexity of a Votivo fragrance, it's best to use a dome. Store aromatic candles under a dome, then let the customer lift the dome and smell the inside to better smell the full effect of each layer working together. This method provides a more impressive fragrance experience than sniffing the top of the candle. 
Make a statement with color blocking. 
The Red Currant collection boasts a variety of gold vessels which create a striking display when placed together on a table or shelf. Additionally, you can use color-blocking throughout your store by showcasing all your lavender items together- clothing, accessories, home decor pieces, and candles in one area, and creating a sage green area in another spot. It's the perfect look for spring and helps customers navigate based on their preferences without being overwhelmed by the variety of items in your retail store!
Be smart with signage.
The art of fragrance is a beautiful thing, but sometimes customers need further information to fully comprehend it. Help your customers understand the complexity of the Votivo fragrances you offer by using signage to educate them about what top, middle, and base notes are. This will help them understand where the different elements in each Votivo candle come from and how a Votivo candle is truly different from any other candle they'll have in their home. 
Get creative with tables to maximize display space.
Use a creative mixture of tables with varying sizes and heights to create a unique display! You can greatly increase the amount of product highlighted by layering tables to use vertical space, and the more candles you put together, the greater the fragrance emitted. This will catch the attention of casual shoppers and turn them into buying customers.