Launched in 1994 as one of the first domestically made luxury candle lines, Votivo is home fragrance at its finest. Votivo established a reputation for quality fragrance and distinctive packaging from the beginning. That commitment to deliver a superior aromatic experience is unwavering. Votivo’s passion and devotion to scent is evident in complex fragrance formulations and dedication to product detail. Each candle is hand-wrapped, and each seal is stamped, making each product special. 

A note on Millennials: In 2016, Millennials eclipsed Boomers as America's largest generation, numbering 83 million. Over the next six years alone, there will be nearly one million more 30-34 year olds in comparison to the prior six year period. Spending increases as consumers age, with age 35-55 being peak earning/spending years. Notably, the first Millennials turned 35 in 2016 and, as more Millennials enter their peak spending years, the cohort's aggregate spending is projected to increase 25%. (TM CAPITAL)


Begin with Red Currant, a proven best-seller, and expand your offering to include each fragrance in the Votivo arsenal. Like your customers, each Votivo fragrance is unique, and worth pursuing for the long-term value it can provide. Votivo customers are fragrance loyal, and they are seeking out a personalized shopping experience that you can provide in-store. If you provide their favorite scent, and a convenient opportunity to smell new fragrances, they remain a faithful purchaser for years to come. This will also generate one of your most coveted retail needs - foot traffic! 

Draw on the brand loyalty and recognition of Votivo today, and create a new profitable corner in your retail store by placing your first order of America's first, finest luxury candle candle line. 


This attention to detail from the metal edging on packaging to the perfect combination of fragrance notes makes Votivo a coveted home fragrance product for Baby Boomers and Millennials, two distinct generations who express their individuality through vibrant home fragrance housed in a versatile aromatic candle from Votivo. 


Votivo is already experiencing the growth that comes with being a product Millennials deem worthy of indulgence. These consumers are looking for more convenient ways to purchase Votivo, and your store can be that avenue for them.


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